Morten Moen

MV : Urban Street Tap

STATUS : Winner, Best Dance, June 2016

DIRECTOR : Morten Moen


5 words to describe your music video “Urban Street Tap”.

Urban. Tap. HipHop. Battle. Dance.

You wrote, directed and produced. Which is the most challenging ?

I have worked with movie VFX for many years, but had never written, directed or produced anything, so all three were challenging, but I probably found producing most difficult in getting all the people I needed, organising the shoot and the post production etc.

How is the music video scene in Norway ?

I know the film business in Norway, but not really the music video side, but there are lots of artists doing cool videos, so I guess it’s quite good.

Your favorite film involving dance ?

My latest favourite film involving dance would be La-La Land. But we also have classics like Singing in the Rain, Fame, White Nights and a tap dance film that came out in the 80’s called Tap.

Who would be your reference artist ?

One guy that actually is one of my absolute favourites is young Kevin Haugan who is my main character in Urban Street Tap. He dances all styles including ballet, jazz, hiphop and tap, has toured with Norways biggest pop act, has had successes as an actor both on stage and tv in Norway, sings and plays piano and guitar and he is currently only 16. He was 13 when we filmed Urban.