The Music Video Underground is a festival 100% focused on Music Videos.
The very first edition took place in 2016 in Paris, a vibrant venue for culture.

The festival is running its #14th edition in November 2017.

In 2017, the festival turns into the International Music Video Underground and opened up for a second upgraded edition, with a screening in Los Angeles.

In 2018, our 3rd screening will take place in Los Angeles again, following the great networking success of the 2017 event. The scheduled date is May 4th, 2018.

We had in our selections music videos featuring Adèle, Macy Gray, Vanessa Paradis, and many more.

We select Music Videos and dance movies from all over the world and we screen it to give young artists both sides of the camera to be noticed for their talents.

We run a monthly competition, an we organize an annual event with award ceremony. Every music video and artist winning on a monthly edition goes straight to the annual selection. No additional fee, no nothing.

If you win a monthly edition, you got get you certificate proving you won. If you win again at the best of the best of the year, that means you won twice with only one submission.



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The International Music Video Underground doesn’t require your music video to be perfect, or signed by a label, or managed by a production company. It requires you did it with all you had and put your heart into it. It requires you tell something with images and music.
Our goal is to screen new talents, people who don’t have the chance to be the son of an important someone, young artists that have to meet audience to grow, creators that want to show what they are capable of.


The Paris International Music Video Underground is part of the TALENT FACTORY platform, that encourages filmmakers to share their work in all genres and films, helping them with various festivals, partnerships. We have a Talent Agency in Paris, and a branch in Los Angeles.


The next annual screening event will take place in Los Angeles, on May 4th, at the Echo Park Film Center, right on Sunset Boulevard.

Stay tuned for the program to come.